Rainbow Town Difference

Our Centre Philosophy

Rainbow Town acknowledges the Kombumerri People as the traditional owners of the land where the Centre now stands. We wish to pay respect to their elders – past, present and emerging. Rainbow Town acknowledges the important role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People continue to play within our Centre and the Robina Community.

Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre is committed to the safety, welfare and well-being of all children. In support of this commitment, our Centre is dedicated to our Child Risk Management Strategy which includes having relevant policies, procedures and training in place to effectively address the safety and well-being of children in our care.

We value positive and supportive interactions with young children. By developing trusting relationships, children will feel a sense of belonging and self-worth in our environment. Research has informed us that consistent, nurturing relationships with the same educators early in life, are the cornerstones of both emotional and intellectual competence. We pride ourselves on the fact that most educators have been working at the Centre for over 5 years. Our educators understand that your child will experience better outcomes when they form a secure attachment with an educator who responds consistently and warmly to their physical, emotional, social and learning needs.

We value play! It provides children with the opportunity to investigate, explore, discover, practice, try, fail, succeed, observe, imagine, dream, pretend, share, listen and participate in everyday activities. The “United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child” recognises the child’s right to play. Play is a context for learning that:

  • Allows for the expression of personality and uniqueness
  • Enhances dispositions such as curiosity and creativity
  • Enables children to make connections between prior experiences and new learning
  • Assists children to develop relationships and concepts
  • Stimulates a sense of wellbeing

We value the importance of a curriculum that enhances children’s learning and development. Our educators will support your child’s artistic, literacy, numeracy, physical, social and emotional development through intentional teaching, stimulating activities and quality resources. Our educators are active collaborators in formulating projects based on the emerging ideas and skills of children. We use the Early Years Learning Framework and the QLD Kindergarten Guidelines to inform our curriculum planning. We believe that all children are successful, competent and capable learners.

We value children’s rights and their need for agency in all they do. Children are active participants and capable contributors in our community. Teaching and learning about fairness and social justice is also important at our Centre.

The Centre values the importance of developing meaningful relationships with families and the local community. We want to work in partnership with families to ensure children feel sense of belonging and ownership of their environment. Your input, advice and ideas are always appreciated. Children thrive when families and educators work together in partnership to support children’s learning. We provide information to families about community services and resources to support parenting and family wellbeing. We promote the value and contribution of our service within in the broader community.

We celebrate inclusion and diversity! Our shared vision for all the children attending our Centre, is for each and every one to feel loved, safe, able to learn and participate, and have a positive sense of identity and culture. This is particularly important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, culturally and linguistically diverse children and children with a disability. Inclusion happens when everyone is viewed as a capable and valued contributor as opposed to deficits that need to be fixed. Inclusion is about human diversity, where each person is viewed as being unique. True inclusive practice values diversity as a resource that informs policy and practice.

We value the importance of sustainability. Your child will have the opportunity to take on an active role in caring for their environment and contributing to a sustainable future. We want children to develop a sense of social responsibility during their time with us. Sustainability recognises the inter-generational nature of making conscious efforts today to actively work towards preserving a future that values, respects and protects our world. It recognises the impacts of today as influencing the ecological balance for future generations.

We promote Christian values. Our Centre is owned by the Anglican Church, Brisbane. Your child will learn the importance of kindness, compassion, acceptance and gratitude through stories, music, role play and activities. Religious Education is taught on a weekly basis for children from 3yrs until 5yrs of age.

Our Centre values the importance of continual professional development. As educators, we constantly use critical reflection and current research to influence our policies, procedures and practice. The Centre invests in professional development opportunities and continuous quality improvement to ensure high quality outcomes for children

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What Our Families Say

Rainbow Town has been the best choice for me and my family. After looking around at some local kindergartens, this one had the most comfortable environment, seamless outdoor/indoor play and my deciding point was the provided healthy and diverse morning tea, lunch and afternoon snacks!

Since the very beginning, the staff at Rainbow Town have been more than wonderful! They allowed my kids to come do play dates for as much as they needed to create a more seamless transition. It started to get hard for them to leave the centre. That was a positive sign!

It has been almost a year since my kids first attended this Centre and they have grown so much in ways that I hoped! My oldest boy was a little slow in his speech, but now being surrounded by nurturing teachers and joyful class mates, he has developed sentences that even catches me by surprise to hear!

Both my kids have formed friendships and feel accepted among their peers. Its great to drop them off in the morning and see their class mates run over to greet them.

The “show and share” time also gives my kids the opportunity to bring something special or exciting from their home life and share it with the class. They both get very excited when it is their day. And the feedback I hear just blows me away. The fact that both of them were so brave to sit out the front, talk to everyone and even answer questions asked by their friends.

As a mum, I always wonder how my kids are doing during the day, what are they up to, who are they playing with. So it was a bonus to find out that towards the end of each day, every classroom emails out photos and stories of what the day consisted of! I still get excited to see my kids on the slideshow.

I recommend Rainbow Town to my friends because I believe it is one of the best learning care centres around! I personally know that it has been around for years (my little sister attended 15 years ago), and to see it thriving still to this day is a testimony to itself!
Duran Family
We became part of the ‘Rainbow Town Family’ in 2014 for 6 months before moving interstate. When we returned to the Gold Coast a year later I knew I didn’t want my two daughters to attend any other centre but Rainbow Town. Catriona and her wonderful team of educators have gone above and beyond for my family and I cannot speak higher of the entire Rainbow Town team. My daughters are always been made to feel included, supported and encouraged to explore their interests whether it’s art and crafts or music and dancing. It’s always a struggle to get them out of the sandpit to come home of an afternoon!
Cumming Family
We searched for a long time for a trusted Centre that we would feel comfortable in caring our first born. This was a new experience to us and Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre guided us through each step patiently and with a lot of care.

Danielle’s first teachers Miss Yvette and Miss Christina still interact with her and this has been wonderful as she really grew attached to them. They even remember fun times and reminisce which makes Danielle feel special.

Miss Bridgette and Miss Emily are wonderful in the Kindy room. We always are greeted with a friendly smile and thry always accommodate Danielle with whatever she needs to be happy.

Every staff member we see is always so caring and genuine. We are always contacted immediately with questions we have. Miss Catriona is wonderful in making families feel welcome with her friendly smile and helpfulness. It’s wonderful that every staff member knows us by name.

We have no hesitation in recommending Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre to any family looking for childcare.
Swatosch Family
We can’t say enough about Rainbow Town. Our two daughters have both attended and we have had nothing but a positive experience. All staff are so friendly, welcoming and helpful. The centre has a real community feel and has great facilities.

The staff treat each child as an individual and have a way of making them feel super special. It is always comforting to know your child is looking forward to their kindy day and is excited to explore the many fun, educational, sensory and gross motor activities.

We have enjoyed watching our youngest blossom in her first year of day care. With her teachers being instrumental in toilet training, learning to try new experiences and develop positive friendships by being a super friend and respecting others in her class and her surroundings.

With our eldest daughter, the staff went above and beyond to help her through her sensory struggles. Thinking outside the square, supporting her and coming up with ways to challenge her in such an inclusive way. This not only helped her with her sensory challenges but also set her up fabulously to start prep with such confidence. The pre-prep program also created a solid foundation of knowledge.
Purdon Family
Our babies have been involved with Rainbow Town over the last 9 years. We were so grateful for their care and guidance of our daughter that there really was nowhere else for our son to go three years later. The Carers at Rainbow Town have been fantastic. We are so grateful for their skill and nurturing of our two children, cuddling them as toddlers and reassuring them they were safe, engaging them in activates and exploring their world with them – some activities we would never have dreamt of setting up at home! To now confident, self-sufficient, socially capable and caring little people ready and excited about starting school. I was lucky enough to work very close by the centre and some lunch breaks walked by, I witnessed interactions with both my children that were kind, calm and supportive, just as if I had been standing there in the centre in full view. How Rainbow Town Carers treat your kids when you ARE there will be exactly the same as when you are NOT and as a working parent that peace of mind is priceless. As our final year of kindy draws to a close I know that our son is going to miss a number of his Carers and so will we!!
The Tobin’s