Yungunn Room - 15 months to 2 yrs

In the Yungunn Room your child will receive high quality care through consistent routines, qualified educators and a stimulating learning environment. At this age children feel confident to explore their space if they feel a sense of belonging and have developed secure attachments with their educators.

We pride ourselves on our meaningful interactions with the children and ensure the children build secure attachments with secondary carers in the learning environment. We promote independence through a variety of practices and use effective routines to help make transitions into care smooth.

We are responsive to all children and ensure that all children feel safe, secure and supported in the Yungunn Room.

Your child will thrive in this child centered learning environment that is created to inspire the imagination and provide exploration opportunities! Your child will learn and play through an abundance of basic open ended materials and ample space to independently explore and create.

We believe that children are active hands-on learners who benefit from an attractive learning environment with an array of materials for children to select and use in open ended ways. We celebrate diversity and respect families as the child’s first educators!

The Lead Educator for our Yungunn room is Miss Sierra. You can find out more about her and the Yungunn Room Educators by clicking here.

If you would like to book in for a tour of the Centre, simply fill in the online form below or call us on 5618 8242.

The ‘Everyday Music’ Program 
Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre offers an exciting program called ‘Everyday Music’ on Thursday afternoons. This program provides children with an opportunity to experience playing a variety of traditional and home-made instruments. These hands-on learning activities help children develop a strong sense of music appreciation. Children will have the opportunity to listen to and create music as well as learn new songs, rhymes and actions. The ‘Everyday Music’ program is also designed to help children improve their fine and gross motor skills as well as widen their language and vocabulary. LiMara Music incorporates the teaching of AUSLAN signs and acknowledges Australia’s Indigenous culture throughout the program. 

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